Why GameFi is Taking Over: CryptoMeda’s Trading Card Revolution

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5 min readAug 12, 2021


At CryptoMeda we are creating a revolutionary fantasy NFT ecosystem. We take important cultural phenomena in the crypto space and transform them into an NFT metaverse, equipped with trading cards, unique stories, and a forthcoming online game.

A Closer Look at the Rise of NFTs

NFTs have taken industries like digital art, music, gaming, and others by storm and as a result, has created a robust market in the DeFi space. The art sector of NFTs recorded over $30mil in sales alone in July of 2021, with total sales topping $1bil in the first two quarters of 2021.

Yet, as impressive as these numbers are, we are still in the early stages of the evolution of NFTs. A new generation of this immutable digital asset class is quickly emerging and is providing users with new levels of utility and economic opportunities.

Defects in the Market

Exponential growth aside, there are pain points in the NFT ecosystem that deceive and deplete users of their capital, trust, and willingness to participate in the market. A hot topic in the space today is the rise of degen DeFi farms that offer NFT fans the promise of exorbitant passive incomes and APY yields of up to 1000%.

On the surface, the concept appears to be straightforward: supply liquidity in return for a consistent percentage of future transactions. But what many unsuspecting newcomers quickly learn is the math doesn’t add up, and before they know it they’ve invested in a Ponzi-like setup that forces them to add more capital while still receiving less, or cash out entirely at a loss.

Furthermore, until recently, there was also the question of the utility NFTs provided, which resulted in diminished enthusiasm by investors causing the initial hype around them to wane. The legitimacy of certain platforms and the authenticity of some NFT creators also had many buyers thinking twice about entering the market altogether.

The CryptoMeda Solution

Cryptomeda is building an NFT ecosystem that makes the process of earning and trading crypto-collectibles enjoyable, entertaining, and most importantly, easy for anyone, regardless of how well versed they are in the space. We believe this opens the door for increased mainstream adoption, benefitting the NFT marketplace as a whole.

Our main products are unique collectible digital cards that reflect many important cultural events in the crypto space, converted into a gaming fantasy storyline. Our native $TECH token will provide holders with utility, governance privileges, and unlike other market-fails, open the door for income opportunities with staking benefits that make sense on paper and in practice. While our goal is to expand our ecosystem as greatly as possible, we also make it a top priority to reward participants in it along the way.

Inclusive Ecosystem

We want to address and correct the problems in the current market to build the overall confidence of current investors and make it easier for those considering entering the NFT ecosystem, but who don’t have a wealth of experience in trading. We start by making certain our staking and liquidity providence are forthright and profitable to users. However, we want our users to enjoy the experience on an entertainment level as well and as such, have added another element for $TECH holders to enjoy.

By staking $TECH, users will have access to NFT lotteries and participate in community voting. Stakers can also unlock and participate in competitions or “quests”, and work on projects and art that have been shared on by fellow community members.

The requirements of each quest will vary between art, writing, and stickers, so that all members with unique skill sets can participate. Winners of each quest will be voted on by our team and community, and rewarded with rare NFTs that will be used in our Meda Wars game which debuts soon.

Security Equals Confidence

The trust of our community in the authenticity and security of our platform and NFTs means everything to us, and we will in no way compromise it. That is why while Cryptomeda will enable our users to sell our rare NFTs on the open marketplace, we will prohibit outside NFTs onto our platform. This ensures we can be 100% certain that any NFT sold within our marketplace is authentic and irreplaceable.

Making the NFT Space More Entertaining

Cryptomeda’s platform will provide users with the chance to monetize the decisions they make with a dynamic trading platform that divides our collection into four NFT cards, increasing the amount in circulation with each rollout.

The first collection will contain 240 pieces, the second will contain 320, the third collection will contain 400 pieces, and 480 in the fourth. Our collections are set to be released two months apart and have unique characteristics like Security, Anonymity, and Innovation scores. Players can also combine cards to create the more powerful — and valuable — Revolution card. When a Revolution card is formed, a burning effect occurs which reduces the supply of cards in circulation. Only 20 Revolution cards can be created per collection making them very rare.

Changing the NFT Landscape

The rapidly growing play-to-earn business model that has come as a result of combining NFTs and DeGaming will undoubtedly shine a brighter light on the NFT marketplace. As our community continues to grow, we want to make certain that anyone who is considering entering the NFT and DeGaming space can do so safely and securely. Cryptomeda will always put its community first and provide our users with an uncomplicated and enjoyable platform that benefits our members with valuable income opportunities that, over time, will contribute to our shared long-term success.

About Cryptomeda

Cryptomeda is a gaming ecosystem that uniquely blends NFT collectibles, DeFi mechanics, and iconic crypto characters into an exciting fantasy world. Players of all experience levels can explore Cryptomeda and find various opportunities to earn; whether it is finding rare collectibles, winning prize pools, receiving ranked rewards, or acquiring an ultra-rare Revolution card, traversing the world of Cryptomeda is both fun and highly rewarding. To tie the world together, all economic activity is facilitated by one unified currency — TECH.

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