LOA Update: The 100x Presale, NFT Utilities and More

ANON 123
3 min readNov 28, 2021

This week has been an eventful one, to say the least. We found ourselves overjoyed by the number of people that participated in our 2,000,000 $LOA token presale. With 0.2% of our total token supply up for grabs, we were astonished by the turnout of our presale event. Our expectations were completely blown away with the event being 100x oversubscribed; what an astounding value! For this reason, our team is sending out a massive thank you to everyone who participated.

As we look forward to all our future developments, we have confidence in knowing just how immense our support is and realize that with certainty, we are one of the strongest and fastest-growing communities around. In light of this good news, we also wanted to provide a brief refresher update to our community.

NFTs in Action

As you know, within the realm of LOA, there are several NFT skins, each varying in rarity. Within our in-game mechanics, NFT skins hold the ability to change the appearance of your hero. However, perhaps more importantly, skins simultaneously improve a player’s earning potential of our in-game currency ($LOA). As heroes progress in their gameplay, the utility of skins extends to the staking feature in our charging portal, an opportunity that players can take advantage of to earn token rewards. Alternatively, players may undergo skin fusion to upgrade the rarity level and increase the asset’s mining power. In this case, skin fusion will help players attain a higher rarity skin and reduce the supply of their low-level inventory, in turn removing the quantity of NFTs available to the public. This mechanism will facilitate a balance in supply and demand, ensuring the markets behind our NFTs maintain healthy growth.

To our LOAders and community members, let this be your reminder that the sale of our NFT Capsules will commence in early December. Those who are interested will benefit to note that these sales will occur with equal allocation to $LOA tokens, comprising the remaining part of the 2.0% we are allocating towards Pre-Sales and our IDO.

For those who need a quick refresher, the four different types of capsules, Beta, Alpha, Genesis & Immortal, offer users a different level of rewards. In the case of the Beta Capsule, users will receive a Basic, Epic or Elemental skin, with the latter being the most unlikely to occur. In comparison, the Alpha Capsule will reward users with a Champion, Legendary or Mythical skin, and a Genesis Capsule will guarantee a Genesis skin. Purchasers, we want to remind you that there is no limit on the number of NFTs you can purchase. These assets are open for everyone to obtain but will be made available on a first-come-first-serve basis.

With limited items up for grabs, we encourage you to stay tuned for updates on all of our community platforms. We plan to release more details about this sale very soon and want to ensure that this opportunity is not missed out on by any LOAders.

Continuing to Put the Community First

It may be a busy time for LOA, but one thing is for certain. Our focus is and will continue to be on our highly valued community. For this reason, we have purposely developed our ecosystem to provide maximum benefit and unlimited opportunities for entertainment and the joy that comes with being a part of something of this magnitude.

If you are only just hearing of this pre-sale announcement or you are interested in participating further in the LOA project, we encourage you to check out our $20,000 USD NFT Sale here.

Thirty-four participants who successfully complete the tasks will become eligible for 1 of 14 Genesis NFT Capsules or 1 of 20 Alpha NFT Capsules. With the contest ending December 26th, there is no better time than now to enter.

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