League of Ancients NFT Skins: Stake, Fuse, Buy and Sell

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3 min readDec 1, 2021

League of Ancients is a blockchain game that aims to deliver a MOBA gaming experience like no other before it. Our team of developers, artists, and engineers have worked tirelessly to create the perfect combination of state-of-the-art gameplay action, design, and a play-to-earn model that empowers our community. This last feature is the subject of this article and more specifically, focuses on the benefits of the various utilities that our NFT skins (Armor) provide. Through them, players can achieve a higher rank in the game, earn more rewards, and increase their profit-earning potential.

Staking NFTs? Welcome to the LOA Metaverse

While most crypto traders are familiar with the idea of staking tokens to earn passive income, League of Ancients offers our users another staking option to generate $LOA token rewards. Our platform contains a charging portal in which players can send their NFT skins to be staked. In doing so, players can earn not only $LOA but also tokens from some of our partners. It’s important to note that each NFT skin has a mining power that can be upgraded through our fusion feature. This process will also upgrade the rarity level of the NFT skin and the overall mining power for the user.

Multiplying Mining Power: The NFT Skin Set Bonus

Want to boost your mining power to increase staking rewards? LOA offers users a set bonus that can be obtained when you collect the same NFT skin level for all 5 characters in the game (Tank, Mage, Marksman, Support, and Assassin). Accomplishing this task activates a boost effect which multiplies your total mining power and gives higher set bonuses all of the features found in bonuses beneath them.

Level Up with NFT Skin Fusion

Collecting NFT skins is an integral part of playing League of Ancients. However, our NFT marketplace allows players to bind, or fuse, various skins together to create a skin of a higher tier level. For example, to obtain a rare Immortal skin, it will be necessary to fuse two skins of a lower to mid-tier together. Once a new skin is created the old ones are burned thereby ridding the player of obsolete inventory. This process benefits both the player and the LOA ecosystem as it reduces the overall supply of NFT skins thereby increasing the value.

The following hypothetical example illustrates how the fusion process works:

Fuse Combination

1 x “Genesis” skin + 1 x “Event/Seasonal” skin + 2 x “Mythical” skin + 1 x “Legendary” skin = 1 x Immortal Skin

2 x “Legendary” skin + 1 “Champion” skin = 1x Mythical Skin

Please note that this does not reflect the actual tiers required as this info will be shared later on.

Buying and Selling Skins on the LOA Marketplace

All users will be able to buy and sell NFT skins in the LOA marketplace. An account level will be assigned to each person and this number is based on the total number of NFT skins they are holding. Each skin will also provide a specific amount of Experience Points, and this will depend on their rarity.

A player with a level 1 account will begin with a 1x mining multiplier. This number will increase by 0.05x with each new level attained. So for example, a level 5 account will have a mining multiplier of 1.25x. A bonus mining multiplier of 0.5x will be awarded for every 10 levels achieved. So for example, let’s suppose a player achieves a level 12 account. In this scenario, their mining multiplier will be 1.6x plus an additional 0.5x, for a total of 2.1x

Prepare for Battle!

League of Ancients NFT skins provide players with numerous opportunities to increase their chances of success in battle and multiply the rewards they can earn. These features reinforce the LOA economy and facilitate the sustainable long-term growth of our ecosystem. Ultimately, this will benefit our community which has been the goal of our team since day one. We thank you wholeheartedly for your continued support and look forward to many great gaming battles together. See you at our upcoming NFT Sale and token launch!

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