Can NFT’s Be Used for Charity? Leylines Mission, Vision, and Values Revealed

ANON 123
3 min readNov 4, 2021

Blockchain and cryptocurrency have revolutionized countless industries. The technology has become known as a secure and transparent method of data sharing and has spawned a digital financial market that is reshaping the way the world does business.

A subset of this technology, NFTs, has also made waves in the world of DeFi and has found itself integrated into areas such as art, music, gaming, and sports. However, one market that is largely untouched by NFT implementation is the industry of producing social good. Organizations operating for charitable good operate with primary objectives focusing on philanthropy and social well-being. Unfortunately, the industry is largely dependent on volunteers and donors to help facilitate the goals of the organization. Currently, these volunteers face their own concerns, including the inability to track where their donations are going and how they are being put to use.

Leyline: NFTs That Social Bring Change

At Leyline, we believe that we can leverage blockchain technology and NFTs to bring greater effectiveness and transparency to nonprofit organizations. We’re striving to create endless opportunities to capture stories of good deeds on the blockchain by building a social good NFT platform that will eradicate poverty, one contribution at a time. Additionally, our NFTs can provide income for volunteers who would otherwise be sacrificing their own time and resources.

Reaching Our True Potential

In looking at all the world’s problems today, we can all agree that poverty is one of the greatest obstacles humankind faces. Poverty is a needless and cruel condition that is a direct byproduct of a poor global system design. The result is that economic inequality and a scarcity mindset have found themselves at the center of most of society’s ills, hindering humanity from achieving its true potential. Reducing the impacts of poverty can alleviate hunger, lack of shelter, unemployment, fear of the future as well as declines in educational outcomes.

Achieving these goals can also be made possible with the right ecosystem. First and foremost, we aim to aid underserved communities, including the estimated 780M people in the world who live under extreme poverty. By partnering with social impact organizations such as NGOs and nonprofits, we can provide the resources, training, and technology needed to support their ongoing efforts. We will also work with educational institutions to help provide awareness and fundraising capabilities, whether through the development of NFTs or maintaining continuous engagement.

Lastly, our members and volunteers are foundational in supporting social initiatives. Their actions are largely what supports the charitable model and make any sort of change possible. By bringing these communities together, we hope to lift 1 million people out of extreme poverty through volunteer efforts, liberate finance deficits, and re-invest back into carbon-negative activities. With our knowledge of blockchain technology and NFTs, we can change the game, and the communities we support can help change the world.

Making It Possible

Lifting communities is possible with the right infrastructure. That’s why our mission comes down to creating a platform that will encourage volunteer activity through a compelling NFT avatar system. By inspiring a sense of community, we can achieve our goals for social good and bring to light the true impact blockchain technology and NFTs can have on our society.